3 - Office Chairs

We strive to provide you with maximum comfort. By focusing on user’s “natural interaction”, we have incorporated the principle of ergonomics in the meticulous engineering of our chairs. Alongside state-of-the-art technology, we are proud to present to you our range of office chairs with increased productivity, enhanced safety, well-being and comfort. Comfortable chairs now means more time concentrating on the job.

Leather Chairs

Uplan Kato Chair.jpg

kato series

UPlan ITZE chair.jpg

itze series

UPlan LACI HB.jpg

laci series

u-plan quantum leather chair.jpg

quantum series

Half Mesh Chairs

combi chair.jpg

Combi series

combi chair 2.jpg

combi 2 series

knoect chair.jpg

konect series

UPlan umesh chair HB.jpg

u-mesh series

Uplan vivo HB.jpg

vivo series

UPlan divo chair.jpg

divo series

Full Mesh Chairs

Eco Mesh.jpg

eco mesh series

hammock chair.jpg

hammock Series


Fabric Chairs


kanga series

uplan sikta office chair.jpg

sitka series

UPlan atose chair.jpg

atose series

Other Chairs

u-plan peli stacker.jpg

peli stacker

u-plan peli task.jpg

peli task

UPlan quadro chair.jpg

quadro chair

u-plan zamos link chair.jpg

zamos link chair

UPlan sento gang chair.jpg

sento gang chair